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Digital Twin Link
Digital Twin Link

The Digital Twin Link App.

This App was developed by Giant Web Design, to easily access Assets, Documents and Media via links within a scanned 3D photo realistic model (DIGITAL TWIN).

The App allows remote visual access to buildings and their assets, with direct access to related documentation, schedules, brochures, videos and audio.

It can be used from your Central Property Office, from where links can be shared with any contractors or other interested parties, enabling them to see the building / assets of interest in detail and access to any related documentation (when permission is granted).

Digital Twin Link
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Video Demo.

Home Screen

Select where you want to start, an Asset or a Location is a good starting point.

Assets Screen

Assets Screen

Select an Asset, use the sort tags to help find the  Asset you are interested in e.g. Building, Printer or Machine (relevant sort tags can be added where needed).

Asset Information Screen

This screen displays:

  • Photo
  • Description
  • Related Document List
  • Related Drawing List
  • Video Button
  • Digital Twin Deep Link Button (Links directly to the assets location within the Digital Twin.

The  links above take you directly to the selected item, wherever they are stored. 

Asset Information

Documents Screen

Select a Document, use the sort tags to find the  Document you are interested in.

Drawings Screen

Select a Drawing, use the sort tags to find the  Drawing you are interested in.


Video Screen

Select a Video, use the sort tags to find the  Video you are interested in.

Location Screen

Select a location, from the map and it will launch the 3D Scan (Digital Twin).

Digital Twin Link

Digital Twin Link

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To arrange a demonstration of the Digital Twin Link App please contact us